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TVparty is Classic TV on the internet!

TVparty! is CLASSIC TV
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TVparty is hopelessly lost in the past. Always has been. Always will be.

Welcome to the internet's premier classic TV Web site featuring your favorite television shows from the golden age of entertainment!


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My Mother the Car

Jayne Mansfield Paints Greensboro Passion Pink!
Jayne Mansfield!

Route 66 Reboot from 1993

Adam-12 / Godzilla movies
Doris Day Show
/ Annie Oakley
Gunsmoke / Decoy / Victor Borge
- Peanuts 1960s Specials

Classic TV from the
1990s & Beyond!

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TV's Greatest Games! Remember the game show boom of the 1970s? We have all your favorite shows!

FRANK SINATRA IN LAS VEGAS / Las Vegas legend Frank Sinatra


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"An ingenious tribute that elevates the TV past to artlike proportions. Site guru Billy Ingram has compiled features both over-the-top and museum worthy, blissful nostalgia for those born in the '40s or the '80s." A+
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Television Kid Shows / Childrens television shows of the 1960s, 1950s and 1970s1960s TV Shows / Classic television shows of the sixties / Classic TVFlops, Commercials, Blunders, Classic TV Bloopers!Mysteries and Scandals!


Classic TV

Joan Crawford Goes South

Joan Crawford's Final Appearance

The Summer Brothers Smothers Show

Redd Foxx Show

What Happened to the Sitcom Houses?

Dialing For Dollars

The first Batman movie

Time Tunnel

1970s children's tv series Gigglesnort Hotel

Vivian Vance : Tv'a Ethel from I Love Lucy

Saturday Morning TV shows in 1988

Robin Williams' Hilarious Mrs. Doubtfire Screen Tests
"Whoever suggested 'could you try a little higher voice?' deserves a medal because Robin runs with it, adds the Scottish element and within 10 seconds instantly becomes the Mrs Doubtfire we all know?"
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Partridge Family and Brady Bunch at Kings Island theme park 1972-73Partridge Family and Brady Bunch at Kings Island theme park 1972-73
King's Island opened to the public on April 29, 1972 and, within 2 years, this Cincinnati, Ohio amusement park was visited by both the Partridge Family and the Brady Bunch. Scenes from those productions offer us a prime look at this quintessential midwestern theme park in its heyday.
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Video Village : 1960s game show Video Village & Video Village Jr.
Called a “living board game" concept, contestants moved ahead or behind however many squares to win prizes. It was like a walking version of Candyland or Monopoly, there was even a jail. The game board was laid out with three streets: Money Street, Bridge Street and Magic Mile.
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Eartha Kitt as Catwoman Eartha Kitt as Catwoman
Prior to this, Julie Newmar portrayed Catwoman on the TV series, appearing on 12 episodes over 2 years. “The reason Eartha Kitt replaced Julie Newmar during the third season,” writer Stanley Ralph Ross explained. “Was because Julie was doing a movie at the time. I think it was “McKenna’s Gold”.
Read and watch more...

Zoom TV ShowWhat Zoom Meant 50
Years Ago!

"Am I the only lunatic left who remembers the original ZOOM series out of Boston? I think WGBH was the parent station, and everyone wore these (hideous now, cool at the time) purple and orange shirts. "Ubbie talk" came from Zoom, and I was one of many kids on my block who could sing the ZOOM song at the drop of a hat. Please tell me I am not alone in remembering this '70s series."
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Alias Smith and Jones + Pete Duel's tragic death

1960s Saturday & Sunday Afternoon Syndicated Shows1960s Saturday & Sunday Afternoon Syndicated Shows
A TVparty! Quickie: relive the exciting television dramas that were rerun during the sixties on local stations - enjoy episodes of Sky King, Robin Hood, Sea Hunt, Highway Patrol & more.
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Boston Area Educational Kid Shows
WGBH, Channel 2 (still a leading producer of PBS programming) was part of a network (Eastern Educational Network) that showed instructional programming in conjunction with school curricula. Known as "The 21-inch Classroom," the station ran short little programs during school hours, that gave instruction in French lessons ("Parlons Francais," with Madame Anne Slack), science, mathematics and Language Arts.
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Top Ten Action MoviesTop 10 Guilty Pleasure Action Movies I can Watch Over and Over
1) Red Dawn: One of the most poorly acted, directed and written movies of the eighties, with more padding that a Serta Posturepedic Mattress and emotional scenes that fall flatter than Fannie Flagg's fanny. But it's what the filmmakers got right that makes Red Dawn a must-see. A plotline that sizzles (this is one remake, coming in 2012, destined to be better than the original) and what has since become an all-star leading cast; one that had not yet learned to act.
Read and watch more...

Plunk your magic clanger Froggy! "Plunk Your Magic Twanger, Froggy!"
"I am looking for a newspaper editorial - it could've also been in a magazine - written about the kid's TV show 'Andy's Gang' in which the writer blames Froggy for causing the protest movement of the 60s. He said Froggy's disrespectful behavior towards adults, which he demonstrated every show, influenced the kids who were watching him and those kids grew up to become the protesting college students of the sixties who likewise showed disrespect towards their elders."
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The History of the Today Show on NBCG.L.O.W. Comes to Greensboro
The Glorious Ladies Of Wrestling did make appearance in the Greensboro Coliseum and it was a hoot. Only there was one problem. Every GLOW wrestler except one was a fake. This was a major disappointment because; well the girls on the national telecast show were very, very hot young girls. I have a pulse right?
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Las Vegas Legends: Greatest Stars of the Vegas Strip!Who Killed Elvis?
Who Killed Elvis?

When Elvis Presley passed away in 1977, the official diagnosis was a heart attack but a special investigation 2 years later revealed a massive coverup by police and medical authorities. This 60 Minutes Australia segment encompasses (and condenses) the 1979 ABC special investigative report by Geraldo Rivera; that was the first time most Americans learned that Elvis was a drug addict.
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Carol Burnett on TVAmerica's First Lady of Comedy
Carol Burnett won the hearts of TV viewers playing the nervous klutz in dozens of hilarious skits on The Garry Moore Show. She was an instant hit with the home audience, one of the emerging medium's first bright stars.
Each week, hapless Carol would find herself in the most outrageous predicaments. No matter how sketchy the script, the comedienne turned each performance into a farcical romp with her spasmodic interpretations. She quickly became the de-facto star of the program.
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Classic TV star Judy Garland on TVJudy Garland's Rollercoaster Career
She was bred to be an entertainer; like Tarzan raised by the Great Apes, hers was an almost impossibly insular existence. Frances Gumm, rechristened Judy Garland, was a wholly manufactured product of a stage mother that pushed her relentlessly and a movie studio that programmed her, sheltered her from reality, then coldly spat her out into a world she knew little about.
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Classic TV Show Sanford Arms based on Sanford & SonThe Ironic Death of Redd Foxx!
For whatever reason (and the actor's drug and alcohol consumption was surely a factor), the network that capitulated to everyone from Bob Hope to Johnny Carson over the years refused to (or could not) make Redd Foxx happy.
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1971 Saturday Morning Shows
Saturday Morning Shows 1971
1970 was a very good year for network Saturday morning revenues, so 1971 brought a continuation of the shows that were working - along with remakes of proven series from the past. All three networks started giving in to pressure from parent groups to offer more educational, and less violent programs. For the most part, they are all flops.
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Classic TV on DVD!
Stargate Atlantis, Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea, Dallas, Men Behaving Badly, Captain N, Hootenanny, ER, Wanda Sykes, Adventures of Superman, Pride & Prejudice, Battlestar Galactica, F Troop, Cheyenne, and so many more new to DVD. And they're all deep discounted - for you!

Classic TV Shows on DVD?
An extensive catalogue of every classic program available on DVD! See what's available today - with big discounts for you!

TV Wrestling1980's TV Wrestling - Greats and Near Greats!
John Hitchcock's look back at the heart of Mid-Atlantic Wrestling - with grapplers known and unknown. Wahoo McDaniel! Ric Flair! Dusty Rhodes! Jim Cornette! Magnum TA! Buddy "Killer" Austin! Johnny Weaver! Johnny Valentine! Harley Race! Dick Murdock! Jimmy Garvin! Nikita Koloff! Have you ever heard of these guys?!?
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Darby Crash record1980's PUNK ROCK
In the early-eighties, young people in Los Angeles were flocking to makeshift clubs in droves to see new, up and coming bands. Live new music, not DJs, was what they craved. These writings provide a sketchy look at the underground club scene in Los Angeles during the time that groups like X, Missing Persons, The Go-Go's, The Minutemen and Wall of Voodoo entered the public consciousness.
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Hit Shows of the Seventies: Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy / Gene Roddenberry in the 1970s / 1977-1978 Superhero & Science Fiction TV Shows / Funniest SNL Skit Ever! / Remembering Suzanne Somers / Prisoner: Cell Block H / Why John Amos Left Good Times / Orson Welles' Last Interview / Henry Winkler on His Happy Days Audition / Patrick Duffy of Dallas Interview / Wonder Woman Leaves Paradise Island / Best Season of Dallas Ever? / TV Show Book Tie-Ins / 1972 Jackie Robinson Interview / Dr. Strange 1978 TV Movie / Kathy Garver Interview / Space: 1999 / Paint Along with Nancy Kominsky / Mary Kay Place Albums of the 1970s / The Supremes - Mary Wilson vs Diana Ross / Remembering Ken Berry / Bruce / Caitllyn Jenner? / Billy Crash Craddock Interview / Melissa McCarthy Almost Quit Acting Days Before Landing Gilmore Girls / Alex Baldwin On His TV and Film Roles / Ray Charles' BIG Problem With TV / Top Ten Sitcoms of the 1970s / James Cameron Made No Money for Titanic / Ed McMahon Drunk on the Air! / Dallas vs Eight is Enough / 1974 MAD Magazine TV Special - Never Aired! / When Lucy Got Fired / Partridge Family and Brady Bunch at Kings Island theme park 1972-73 / Jack Benny's Last Tonight Show 1974 / Ed Asner Interview / Freddy's Nightmares TV Series / Emmy Award Multiple Winners / Nathaniel Taylor aka Rollo Lawson / Mary Kay Place Albums of the 1970s / That Girl & TV's Single Working Women / Can You Identify These Stars? / Betty White vs Joan Rivers / Sonny Comedy Revue / Star Trek Animated / Dark Shadows / Hal Linden Interview / Dark Shadows Movies / Dark Shadows Novels / The Night Stalker / One of the Funniest Carol Burnett Show Skits Ever / Fred 'The Hammer' Williamson / Johnny Carson interviews Lucille Ball / Dawn Wells / Betty White : An Appreciation / Bette Davis' 2 Best Interviews 1971 / Barbara Eden Interview / Gavin McLeod / Spider-Man 77 / The Next Step Beyond / The Music Dark Shadows / 1970 TV Shows / Mike Connors Remembered / Mike Wallace, Virginia Graham & Jim Longworth / Dick Clark / Woody Allen Hosts Tonight Show 1971 / Carson Tonight Show / Alan Alda Interview / Jackie Gleason Show / 1973 TV Shows / Thriller / Post Modern Sitcoms / Elvis in Greensboro / Remembering Dick Van Patten / TV Dating Shows / The Jacksons TV Show / Fall Previews of the 70s / Lance Link, Secret Chimp / Star Wars Holiday Special / Alias Smith and Jones / 1977 Year in Review / Top Ten 1970-76 / The Rockford Files / All in the Family / Sam Hall (Dark Shadows) Interview / Actor Ed Nelson / Death of Archie / Battlestar Galactica / Wonder Woman / Network Jingles / Class of '74 / Happy Days / Good Times / Mr. Bill / Dinah! / Maude / Doris Day Show / Pamelyn Ferdin Interview / The Bicentennial Minute / Jingles & Catch Phrases of the 1970s / Early Cable TV 1970s / TV commercials for Women / TV Moms / Country Music TV Shows of the 1960s & 1970s / Betty White Show / Ron Palillo / Shirley Jones Interview / Tom Bosley / Rodney Dangerfield / How Sanford & Son Ended / Sanford & Son Spin-Off Grady / Great Memoirs / Virginia Graham Show / The "N" Word on TV / 10 Classic Comedy Routines You Have To Laugh At Before You Die / Hollywood Squares / 1970's Teen Idols & The Hudson Brothers / TV Stars with 3 Hit Shows / The Rookies / Unsold Pilots / Jackie Cooper / The Good Guys / Match Game / Make Room For Granddaddy / Mannix & Gail Fisher / Bette Midler in the 1970s / Bonus 1970's Stuff: Silent Star Marion Mack / Biff Burger / 1970s Fast Food Chains / Latin Casino / Beverly Hills Supper Club Fire / 1970's Daytime Talk Shows / The Fess Parker Show / Brady Bunch Sex Dungeon? / Love, Loss & What I Watched

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TVparty is Classic TV on the internet!
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Norman Lear On What Went Wrong With Jerry Lewis After He Became A Star


The Story Behind TVparty!

A Painting Saved Bill Murray's Life

Writing For Fernwood 2 Night

More Than Myagi: The Pat Morita Story

Glen Campbell Goodtime Hour

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Liberace, Frank Sinatra, and Jackie Gleason Attempted an Intervention on Elvis in Las Vegas

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When Judy Garland's Daughters First Saw The Wizard of Oz

Las Vegas in the 1940s

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What Happened to the Beverly Hillbillies' Mansion?

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'Lucy Show' Season

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