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CSI: Crime Scene Investigation on Blu-Ray

Converter Box for DTV

Justice League TV show on Blu Ray

There may not be many classic TV shows on Blu-Ray - in fact, there aren't many television programs in this new format at all - but 2009 promises to be a banner year for TV on Blu-Ray!

Dexter on Blu Ray

Damages on Blu Ray

Rescue Me on Blu Ray


Holiday Specials on DVD

TV Commercials on DVD

TV Shows on BLU RAY

The Prisoner - classic TV show on Blu RayTerminator TV show on Blu Ray

Star Trek: The Original Series S2 on blu-ray on DVD

TV shows on Blu-ray
TVparty! presents
a comprehensive, up-to-date catalog of the best TV shows currently available on Blu-ray - it's the easiest way to own your favorite series. Most of these are full season compilations!

The stores only stock a very limited selection, here you can get what you want now!

Just click on the titles to order now through and you can have your favorite shows delivered by tomorrow morning!

All Blu-Ray DVDs are massively discounted - from 25% - 80% off! Prices much lower than you'll find in the stores -
and there's free shipping and no sales tax!


Band of Brothers

Battlestar Galactica: Complete Series (Possibly the greatest science fiction series of all time - on Blu-Ray)

Battlestar Galactica: The Plan


Burn Notice



CSI: Crime Scene Investigation - (The original series comes to Blu-ray for the first time with new bonus features and brand new widescreen picture.)

Damages - (Glenn Close stars in this fantastic FX series!)

Dexter - (Creepier than ever in High Def Blu-Ray!)

Dollhouse - (From Joss Whedon comes a new groundbreaking show starring Eliza Dushku as Echo, an operative in an underground organization that provides hired personas for various missions.)


Firefly - (Sci-fi classic now on Blu Ray!)

Fringe - (New show on Blu Ray!)


Generation Kill

Grey's Anatomy


Heroes - (Super heroic picture quality!)

How I Met Your Mother


It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia


John Adams - (Acclaimed HBO mini-series on Blu-Ray!)

Justice League

Justice League - New Frontier


Lie To Me

Lost - (On Blu Ray it's like being on the beach!)


Mad Men - (One of the great TV shows of all time!

Masters of Horror

Nip / Tuck

The Office


Pride & Prejudice

Prison Break - (Even more exciting in High Definition!)

The Prisoner - (Even more exciting in High Definition!)

Pushing Daisies


Rescue Me - (Incredible TV series on Blu-Ray DVD!)

Robin Hood







South Park - (Low tech animation in high def!)

Star Trek Original Series

Star Wars: Clone Wars - (The "Clone Wars" goes back to the original Star Wars film when Obi-Wan Kenobi tells Luke Skywalker that he was once a Jedi knight the same as your father and that they fought together in the Clone Wars.)



Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles


True Blood

The Tudors - (Blu-Ray makes this show come alive!)


Weeds - (The grass is greener on Blu-Ray!)

New titles are coming very soon so bookmark this
page for TV Shows on Blu-Ray updates!
You'll see them here first.

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TV Shows on Blu-Ray

Star Trek Season One Blu-Ray

Burn Notice on Blu-Ray

Chuck season 1 on Blu-Ray

Heroes on Blu-Ray

Smallville on Blu-Ray

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Prison Break on Blu Ray

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