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TVparty is Classic TV on the internet!

TVparty's Top Ten
Classic TV DVD Collections

Our third annual review of the very best DVD collections you may have overlooked.

Some of these are judged by the content of the shows alone and some because of the fantastic extras found on the discs - and a few because they deliver both. All are well worth the money and will be a worthy addition to your classic TV library!

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The Adventures of Superman season 2 on DVD1. -The Adventures of Superman; The Complete Second Season
If you haven't watched these episodes in their fully restored black-and-white glory then you won't believe your eyes (and you haven't seen the restored versions unless you bought the Columbia House releases - and then you would have paid $25 for four episodes).

The Adventures of Superman, The Complete Second Season has charm to spare with timeless performances from an outstanding cast; besides the beloved regular cast (Noel Neill took the role of Lois Lane in season two), the best B-movie actors Hollywood had to offer were employed as the mad scientists, mob bosses, gun molls and everyday thugs Superman ran up against. It's a testament to the quality of these programs that it remains one of the only TV dramas of the 1950s that can be fully enjoyed today. Sure, the special effects are crude and the plots transparent but the production harkens back to a much simpler time; for instance, the scenes of Los Angeles in the early-fifties that fill in for Metropolis are priceless.

2. - Here's Lucy - Best Loved Episodes
This is one of my favorite so-bad-it's-good shows - and look at these extras!
Commentary By Lucie Arnaz, Desi Jr. and Carol Burnett On Their Favorite Episodes
* Never Before Seen Bloopers
* Rehearsal Footage
* Sketch From A Jack Benny Television Special With Lucy, Jack and Johnny Carson
* Sketch From An Ann-Margret Television Special Featuring Lucy and Ann-Margret
* Audience Warm-Up With Lucy's Husband and Show Executive Producer Gary Morton
* The Original CBS Network Promos
* The Here's Lucy Syndication Sales Tape
* Footage From A Benefit Dinner Where Lucie and Desi Jr. Play Their Parents In An I Love Lucy Sketch

3. - The Office
Shot documentary style, The Office is surely be the driest, wittiest (and true-to-life) satire in decades. Jaw droppingly funny, excruciating to watch, the humor is distinctly British but the situations universal.
Taking the mockumentary genre to a new level, creator / writer / star Ricky Gervais (the series was co-written and directed by Stephen Merchant) has established himself as a genius of the medium, right up there with Lucille and Jackie Gleason.
In this new package, you get every episode - the entire run of the series (12 episodes in two seasons) and the hilarious two-part Christmas Special that takes place a couple of years after the second series ended.
There are hours of extras: audio commentary by Ricky Gervais & Stephen Merchant for the second episode of the Christmas special, out takes, video diary of the making of the series, and three highly entertaining documentaries.

4. - Aqua Teen Hunger Force Four
What is it about this weird animated farce that makes it so funny? The juvenile humor aims squarely for those of us who had our sense of humor frozen in Junior High school. Apparently there are more of us that I thought!

Those who enjoy this program on cable may wonder why they should buy this package. Quite simply, the creators go all out on these DVD releases - for instance, select 'Play All' from the menu and all the episodes play at one time! Aqua Teen Hunger Force Four sports a bizarrely designed fold-out package and the show commentaries were recorded at a party for the staff so you get to hear from people who work on every aspect of the production along with a lot of drunken chatter.

5. Streisand specials on DVDBarbra Streisand - The Television Specials
Modern audiences may have forgotten what a truly remarkable artist Barbra Streisand was when she burst forth on Broadway and television in the 1960s. Her TV specials from the sixties and early-seventies (1965-1973) represent some of the greatest achievements in the history of the medium. One of the reasons - Streisand had full creative control over the shows, very unusual for an up-and-coming performer.

This opulent 5-disc collection includes:
My Name Is Barbra - her first television special, featuring a medley of her hit songs, such as "People," "Happy Days Are Here Again" and "My Man" in a sublime, visually stunning cinematic concert format.

Color Me Barbra - the second special, like the first, showcases Barbra solo, front and center but in a more relaxed, playful mood. This was her first choreographed by the legendary Joe Layton who went on to stage Barbra's next TV outings.

The Belle of 14th Street - while some of these specials were released on video in the 1980s, this one remained unseen since the first broadcast. Belle contains performances by Jason Robards and vaudeville's John Bubbles.

A Happening in Central Park - the famous live concert that spawned a hit album with "Cry Me a River," "Second Hand Rose," "People," "Happy Days Are Here Again," and others.

Barbra Streisand... and Other Musical Instruments - after a 5 year lull, Barbra returned to TV with this spectacular one-hour program with some wonderful duet and solo numbers with Ray Charles. Again, this is a first time release, unseen since 1973.

6. - Sonny and Cher Comedy Hour - The Christmas Collection
You asked for it - more Sonny and Cher! This time it's a package that includes three holiday episodes of The Sonny and Cher Comedy Hour / Show. And what a great trio - the first Christmas show is from early in the first season, followed by an episode from the second season of the Comedy Hour, topped off with a holiday themed episode from the final season of the Sonny and Cher Show. These are all top notch episodes, making this collection a real winner. The sound is brilliant throughout this DVD, and the picture quality is stunning.

7. - Da Ali G Show
I recently got a screener of this DVD and I laughed so long and so hard that if anyone was listening, they would have thought I went insane!
If you love edgy, in-your-face comedy this one is for you - it's the entire first season of the HBO American version of the British import.

8. Home Movies - Season Three
Every once in a while a show comes along that breaks the mold and makes me wish I watched more TV. Home Movies is one of those shows.
A part of the Adult Swim lineup on Cartoon Network, Home Movies is a smart, amusing and perfectly addictive animated sitcom. Think South Park without the vulgarity but ten times the charm. Done on the cheap, this Flash animation technique allows for greater personal expression, making Home Movies perhaps the network's best effort thus far, though it was supposedly the least watched.

It's the story of eight-year old Brendon Small (played by comic Brendon Small), who documents his movie fantasies with the help of his schoolmates. Besides his stellar writing, the real-life Small is a gifted vocal artist, imbibing his digital alter ego with a dry, laconic, everyman quality that's irresistible. This 13-episode edition includes these special features: an interactive game, episode animatics (very interesting!), a music video, a radio interview with Jon Benjamin and Loren Bouchard (outright hilarious!) and more. There are a number of insightful, rambling episode commentaries from the show's two creators Brendan Small and Loren Bouchard, though some are poorly mixed. The graphics that adorn the box are superb, enhancing the attractive package more fully. It comes from Shout! Factory which is known for their top quality DVD releases.

9. - Rodney Dangerfield
Oh, this is good! R2 Entertainment has released all of the best HBO and ABC Rodney Dangerfield specials from the eighties. It is a phenomenal collection of comedy greats at their peak. You get the first, breakout routines from Roseanne Barr, Jerry Seinfeld, Andrew Dice Clay, Tim Allen, Sam Kinison and SO many more - not to mention lots of classic Rodney routines.
You will be on the floor laughing for hours - this a real party pleaser DVD set. 3 discs - 6 specials (1981 - 1991), a Carson Tonight Show routine, Rodney's nightclub act (wow!) and more. Superb!

10. - Columbo season 2 on DVDColumbo - Season Two
The 1972-73 season of Columbo is a true delight. Columbo deconstructed the mystery format by showing the murder taking place at the very beginning, with little or no ambiguity about who did it. The fun - and there's a lot of fun - comes in watching Peter Falk hem and haw and "one more thing" his way under the radar and over the heads of the crooks. At times laugh-out-loud funny, inevitably Columbo solves the mystery, although occasionally with a thoroughly unrealistic proposition - but hey, it's TV.

TVparty! presents a comprehensive up-to-date catalog of the best classic shows currently available on DVD.

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new21 Jump Street


Abbott and Costello Show

ABC After School Specials - (1974-76)

ABC After School Specials - (1976-77)

ABC After School Specials - (1978-79)

ABC After School Specials - (1979-80)

ABC After School Specials - (1981-82)

ABC After School Specials - (1982-86)


A Different World

Adventures in Paradise

Adventures of Ozzie & Harriett

Adventures of Robin Hood

Adventures of Superman



Alfred Hitchcock Presents


Alien Nation

All in the Family

Amos 'n' Andy Show

Andy Griffith Show

Andy Williams Show

Annie Oakley

Are You Being Served



The Avengers


Baa Baa Black Sheep


Barney Miller

Beany & Cecil

Brady Bunch

Brady Bunch Variety Hour

Ben Stiller Show

Beverly Hillbillies


Big Valley


Bobby Darin Show

Bobby Darin Comeback Special

Bob Hope Show - Hope For The Holidays

Bob Hope Specials

Bob Hope Specials - The Vietnam Years

Bob Newhart Show


Boy Meets World


Buffalo Bill

Burns and Allen Show


Candid Camera

Captain & Tennille Show

Carol Burnett Show

Carol Burnett Show - Let's Bump Up The Lights

Carol Burnett Showstoppers

Challenge of the Super Friends

Charlie's Angels



Chico and the Man

Clutch Cargo


Colgate Comedy Hour (Eddie Cantor)



Commercials - classics!

Cosby Show



Danger Man

Dark Shadows

Dastardly and Muttley in their Flying Machines

Davy Crockett

Davey & Goliath

Dean Martin Show

Dean Martin Celebrity Roasts

Degrassi Season 1

Dick Van Dyke Show

Dick Cavett Show

Diff'rent Strokes

Doctor Who

Doogie Howser, MD

Doris Day Show

Dragnet 1967

Dream On

Dukes of Hazzard

Dusty's Trail



Ed Sullivan Show

ELectric Company

Elvis - Aloha from Hawaii

Elvis Comeback Special



Fact of Life

Family Affair

Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids

Father Murphy

Fawlty Towers

Felix the Cat


Fireball X-L5

The Flash


Flip Wilson Show

Fractured Flickers

Frank Sinatra Show

Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

Full House


Gabby Hayes Show

Galaxy High School

Get A Life


Gilligan's Island

G.L.O.W. - Gorgeous Women of Wrestling

The Golden Girls

Go-Go Gophers

Good Times

Guns of Will Sonnett

Greatest American Hero

Green Acres

Growing Pains


Happy Days

Hardcastle & McCormick

Hardy Boys / Nancy Drew Mysteries

Hart to Hart

Have Gun Will Travel

Hee Haw

He-Man and the Masters of the Universe

Here Come the Brides

Here's Lucy

Highway to Heaven

Hogan's Heroes

Home Improvement


Howdy Doody Show

Huckleberry Hound Show



H R Pufnstuf


I Dream of Jeannie

I Love Lucy

I Married Joan

Incredible Hulk

In Living Color

I - Spy


Jack Benny Program

Jack Paar Program


Jeff's Collie - (Lassie's first seasons)



Joey Bishop Show

Jonny Quest

Judy Garland Show


Kate & Allie

Kids in the Hall

Knight Rider

Knots Landing


Kolchak, The Night Stalker

Kung Fu


Lancelot Link, Secret Chimp

Land of the Lost



Laverne & Shirley

Leave it to Beaver


Little Rascals

Little House on the Praire

Lois & Clark: New Adventures of Superman

Lone Ranger

Looney Tunes

Loretta Young Show

Lost in Space

Lotsa Luck



Magnum, P.I.

Make Room For Daddy - Season 5

Man From U.N.C.L.E.

Mary Tyler Moore Show




McMillian & Wife

Merv Griffin Show - Best of

Miami Vice

Mickey Mouse Club

Milton Berle Show

Mr. Ed

Mr. & Mrs. North

Mr. Peepers

The Monkees


Monty Python's Flying Circus - Mega-set

Mork & Mindy


Muppet Show - NEW - Season One

Murder She Wrote

Murphy Brown

Music Scene

Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom

My Favorite Martian

My Little Margie

My Little Pony

Mystery Science Theatre 3000


Naked City

The Nanny

New Avengers

New Scooby Doo Movies

New Zoo Revue

Night Court

Night Gallery

North and South

Northern Exposure



One Step Beyond

Oprah Winfrey Show - 20th Anniversary

Our Gang

The Outer Limits


Partridge Family

Pee-wee's Playhouse

Pee-wee's Playhouse - Christmas Special

Perry Mason

The Persuaders

Peter Gunn

Petticoat Junction

Planet of the Apes


Private Secretary

Perils of Penelope Pitstop

Punky Brewster


Quantum Leap

Quincy, ME


Rat Patrol

Remington Steele

Return of the Man from UNCLE

Richard Pryor Show

The Rifleman

Rockford Files

Rocky & Bullwinkle & Friends

Roger Ramjet


Rudolph, The Red Nosed Reindeer


The Saint

Sanford and Son

Saved By the Bell

Schoolhouse Rock

Scooby Doo, Where Are You?

SCTV Network 90

Sea Hunt

Secret Agent Man


Sgt. Bilko - 50th Anniversary Edition


Sky King


Sid Caesar Show

Sigmund and the Sea Monsters

Silk Stalkings

The Simpsons



Sonny and Cher Comedy Hour

Sonny and Cher Comedy Hour - Christmas Shows

Soupy Sales Show

Spiderman (1966)

Star Trek

Starsky and Hutch


Strangers with Candy

Super Bowl - (1968- 2000)






Tales From the Crypt

Tales Of Tomorrow


Tennesse Tuxedo

That's My Mama

Third Rock from the Sun

This Is Your Life

T. J. Hooker

Thorn Birds

Three's Company

Three Stooges



Time Tunnel

Tom and Jerry - Spotlight Collection

Tonight Show with Johnny Carson

Tonight Show - Comedians

Tonight Show - Return to Studio One - (1969 special)

Tony Orlando & Dawn

Too Close for Comfort


Touched by an Angel


Twilight Zone

Twin Peaks



Unsolved Mysteries

The Untouchables - (video only - no DVDs)



Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea


Wacky Races

Wagon Train - Volume 1


Wanted Dead or Alive

Welcome Back Kotter

Wild Kingdom (Mutual of Omaha)

Wild, Wild West

What's Happening!!

Wonderful World of Disney

Wonder Woman


X - Files


Yogi Bear Show

You Are There

You Bet Your Life

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