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Jim Longworth asks: "I was watching Cinemax earlier today, and suddenly there appeared an animated short, titled Eli's Dirty Jokes, with a "created by" credit going to James and Tyler McFadden. The entire short was a word for word rip off of the late Flip Wilson's 'woman with ugly baby' routine. If the McFaddens don't have permission from Flip's estate, then they should be sued. Even if they did have permission, the credit for "created by" is misleading. Have you seen it?"
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TV dads in the 1980sTV SHOW REVIEWS
Entering from the Time Tunnel to the screams of a hyped up live audience, the preposterous Osbourne family returns to the small screen to host a variety show for the new age.
Of course, it's Sharon who has to do the heavy lighting seeing as how her husband is f*cked up beyond all belief and her kids have no dicernable talent on display. In that sense, this is the perfect show for a real life Addams Family.
Sharon promises that this is entertainment the entire family can enjoy together. As they all gather around the TV at the bar, presumably. See for yourself!

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TV dads in the 1980sMy TV Dads
I realized how important fathers truly were. And I didn’t have one. In television terms, my father had been written out of my life when I was three years old, like James had been written out of "Good Times," although my father hadn’t been killed off. One day, he simply went away and didn’t return. Too bad life isn’t more like television, or else there would’ve been a sassy maid in my home to help guide us children, but in real life most families can’t afford a live-in maid.

St. Patrick's Day Parade broadcasts in new york city
NYC's St. Patrick's Day Parade Telecasts
Tuesday, March 17, 2009 marks the 60th anniversary of the very first broadcast of NYC's annual St. Patrick's Day Parades. WPIX 11 became the very first NYC based television station to air the event; actually, the real reason for telecasting the parade was just to test Channel 11's cameras, newly acquired for upcoming baseball games.
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Classic Saturday Morning Commercials!Saturday Morning
Commercials (1960-1970)

"The only thing more existentially disturbing than the Trix Rabbit is the way kids used to torment Sonny the Cuckoo Bird with his obvious psychological addiction to Cocoa Puffs."
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Ric Flair & Dusty Rhodes / TV Wresting in the eighties!Ric Flair, Dusty Rhodes &
the Legend of Baby Doll!

She cut an impressive figure at almost six feet tall, clad all in leather with a punk haircut and a saucy reputation for destroying people in the ring; she was Chyna before Chyna. In 1984, Nicole turned up down south with a new identity and a brand new dream. She realized if she couldn't be champion herself - she could be the girlfriend of the champion!
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TV Game Shows Game Shows 1974
A rundown of all the daytime network game shows from the summer of 1974, along with audio clips from actual 1974 airchecks, when they could be found. Sadly, many of these series were erased by the networks (especially the NBC shows) and no longer exist in any form - except right here.
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top 10 TV on DVD collections of 2008

Classic TV ProgramsThe U.N. Goes To The Movies
If you think achieving world peace is hard, try producing a successful TV series. That’s just what the United Nations tried to do in the 1960s, with decidedly mixed results. It might be thought of as the most remarkable venture nobody ever heard of.

Judy Garland on TVJudy Garland's Rollercoaster Ride
She was bred to be an entertainer; like Tarzan raised by the Great Apes, hers was an almost impossibly insular existence. Frances Gumm, rechristened Judy Garland, was a wholly manufactured product of a stage mother that pushed her relentlessly and a movie studio that programmed her, sheltered her from reality, then coldly spat her out into a world she knew little about.
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Lucille BallHanging Out With Lucy
"I got a job at a department store and Lucy came by one day to see if I was really working. She bought $600 worth of linens from me. She gave me her home phone number and said, "Do you play Backgammon?" and I said "No," and she said "You'll learn." She taught me how to play Backgammon and I still play to this day."
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Duke Ellington's last TV showOne of Duke Ellington's Final TV Appearances
In the spring of 1970, former Ellington vocalist Joya Sherrill became the first African/American female to host a kid's TV show. Until now, no tapes of those shows were known to exist, but we uncovered two rare examples - including an episode of 'Time For Joya' featuring Sir Duke.
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Hot Dog / Kid ShowsHot Dog
The Peabody Award-winning children's series Hot Dog, aired on Saturday mornings in 1970, a wildly entertaining educational broadcast that demonstrated how things were made - pencils, crayons, money, toothpaste, etc. - interspersed with hilarious non sequiturs from Joanne Worley, Jonathan Winters and Woody Allen.
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Captain KangarooRemembering Captain Kangaroo
Captain Kangaroo was the longest-running network children's show of all time - from 1955 until 1984, the good Captain could be seen mornings on CBS. Hugh "Lumpy" Brannum played sidekick Mr. Green Jeans, joining Cosmo Allegretti's hand-puppets Mr. Moose and Bunny Rabbit in the Captain's Treasure House.
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Batman TV showBatman's Batmania!
Together with screenwriter Lorenzo Semple, Jr., executive producer William Dozier crafted a show that could be enjoyed by adults as well as kids. Batman debuted on January 12, 1966 on ABC and within the first few weeks, the telecast was attracting fifty-five percent of the viewing audience, with a surprising two-thirds over the age of eighteen.
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Cheyenne / Roy HugginsCheyenne & Roy Huggins
The first season of Cheyenne is now available on DVD, but it is not an accurate representation of what the groundbreaking series became. In fact, the first season was so maligned that there almost wasn't a second.

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The Magician TV Show with Bill BixbyBill Bixby's Forgotten Series
This was supposed to be Bill Bixby's breakthrough into dramatic television. Fresh off The Courtship of Eddie's Father, Bixby was considered a top audience draw when The Magician premiered in 1973. Both NBC and Paramount Pictures had high hopes for this light action drama about a troubleshooting illusionist named Anthony Blake. But fate intervened, in the form of a Writers Guild strike in the spring of '73 that threw a wrench in production schedules throughout television (it's rather difficult to shoot anything when there aren't any scripts ready).
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Sky King Sky King
"Sky King was kind of a cowboy type that would fly around in a twin engine plane. I watched that show religiously. Every time the opening sequence was shown I had to be sitting directly in front of the TV set. The final shot while the opening credits were rolling was of the plane coming straight at you, very low to the ground, and zooming right over your head. I would always time it so that I rolled onto my back, as though the plane had come out of the set and just barely missed the top of my head." PLUS: one TVparty-er discovers the original Sky King hacienda!
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Shirley Booth's Last TV Show Shirley Booth's Last TV Show
A Touch of Grace was an oddball show in many ways, not the least of which was that it focused on elderly people at a time when the networks were all chasing a young demographic. It was an instant hit with the critics but didn't stand a chance.
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An aggressive campaign against cable TV was waged 40 years ago by local TV broadcasters and movie theater owners who felt threatened by the idea of multiple channels and clear reception. There was even an ad that ran with the previews before the movies that warned of the slippery slope that would come with the dreaded wire.

Dick Kallman MurderDick Kallman as Hank
"Dick was stabbed to death in 1980 during a 'drug induced' robbery - while most of the articles mention he was murdered in his apartment, it is my belief that he was abducted by someone on drugs looking for money and forced him back to the apartment... clearly it was a robbery and a very violent one. I never sat foot in our apartment again. I left everything I owned in it to be sold. I could not bare to see it ripped and stained with Dick's blood."
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Sea HuntSea Hunt
"I have been looking for re-runs of a fabulous show that I'd like to request. Sea Hunt - the Lloyd Bridges (pre-comedy) underwater classic. My afternoon staple diet in the early to mid-sixties and it shaped my life since then. If you have anything about Sea Hunt, I'd be one happy '60's TV junkie!"
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Andy's Gang TV program "Plunk Your Magic Twanger, Froggy!"
"I am looking for a newspaper editorial - it could've been in a magazine - written about the kid's show 'Andy's Gang' in which the writer blames Froggy for causing the protest movement of the '60s. He said Froggy's disrespectful behavior towards adults, which he demonstrated every show, influenced the kids who were watching him and those kids grew up to become the protesting college students of the sixties who likewise showed disrespect towards their elders."

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TV movies of the weekOrigin of the TV-Movie
Not only was the animated opening sequence to the ABC Movie of the Week a magnificent graphic achievement (and precursor to modern computer animation) but the 30-second teasers forever redefined motion picture advertising. We'll show you some of the best examples from the seventies.

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Racket Squad / The ProducersWas This Guy the Inspiration for Superman?
Mayo Kaan, a bodybuilder from New York state, claimed to be the original model for Superman. His story was that he donned a costume similar to what became the look of Man of Steel and served as the inspiration to cartoonists Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster. Was he telling the truth?
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Saturday Morning TV ShowsSaturday Mornings 1988
Just as the networks gave in to years of lobbying from parental groups and put an end to all violence on Saturday morning programs, syndicated cartoons came along offering up violence galore. 1988-89 marked the beginning of the end for the golden age of Saturday morning programming.
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It's About Time TV showIt's About Time
This was one of network TV's most beloved sitcoms and it only aired for one year. The series itself may not have been successful, but the show's theme song is one of the most memorable of all time. People who never saw the show became familiar with it! Like many Sherwood Schwartz productions, the theme gives you the entire premise of the show in hummable fashion. But will we ever see this classic on DVD?
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GLOW Wrestling! Classic wrestling on TV Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling
20 years ago, the women of GLOW took to the ring and were slammed by those people who always criticize wrestling for lowering TV standards to new depths. But it was a very popular show - and no wonder!
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TV Shows on DVDClassic TV on DVD - Archived Reviews!
NEW: Tom Jones, Twin Peaks, Stargate Atlantis, Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea, Dallas, Men Behaving Badly, Captain N, Hootenanny, ER, Wanda Sykes, Adventures of Superman, Battlestar Galactica, F Troop, and so many more hot DVD releases. And they're all deep discounted - for you!

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Fess Parker / Davey Crockett

TV Wrestling1980's TV Wrestling - Greats and Near Greats!
John Hitchcock's look back at the heart of Mid-Atlantic Wrestling - with grapplers known and unknown. Wahoo McDaniel! Ric Flair! Dusty Rhodes! Jim Cornette! Magnum TA! Buddy "Killer" Austin! Johnny Weaver! Johnny Valentine! Harley Race! Dick Murdock! Jimmy Garvin! Nikita Koloff! Have you ever heard of these guys?!?
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Darby Crash record1980's PUNK ROCK
In the early-eighties, young people in Los Angeles were flocking to makeshift clubs in droves to see new, up and coming bands. Live new music, not DJs, was what they craved. These writings provide a sketchy look at the underground club scene in Los Angeles during the time that groups like X, Missing Persons, The Go-Go's, The Minutemen and Wall of Voodoo entered the public consciousness.
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Alex Toth Character Design for Hanna-BarberaAlex TothBONUS FOR COMIC BOOK FANS:

Alex Toth Interview
"As all manner of artists, writers, composers, actors, directors, photographers, designers, sculptors and graphics specialists will admit, they all seek to strip away all the superfluous embellishments of style and technique in order to get to their own concept of truth."

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