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The Andy Griffith Show : Mayberry RFD


Andy Griffith ShowAmateur cartologists place the fictional town of Mayberry about halfway between Greensboro and Raleigh, off I-85 in the great state of North Carolina. But for many modern viewers, Mayberry is less about location and more about what the show represents to them - a way of life that has irrevocably slipped away.

Certainly at the beginning, The Andy Griffith Show was a genuinely well-written and realized show. That's one reason the program has endured since 1960, it's an idealized snapshot of at least one version of the American dream.

The production of the series coincided with one of the most dramatic cultural upheavals in history but the series reflected instead a quaint community where the barber had as much influence as the mayor; where the most shocking thing that happened was Aunt Bee picketing a construction site or the 'Fun Girls' speeding through the center of town.

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The final year of The Andy Griffith Show; then Mayberry R.F.D.

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