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Beyond Our Wildest DreamsThis new Oral History focuses on the beginning of the end of the old school entertainment Baby Boomers grew up with. The glory days of Las Vegas as seen through the eyes of the people who were there - when superstars like Elvis and Sinatra routinely played the Strip and the name Dean Martin could be seen atop the MGM Grand marquee with The Golddiggers.

This was the seventies when Louis Prima rocked the house for the last time, when mobsters owned the many glamorous nightclubs around the country, an era of weekly TV shows with elaboarate musical numbers and stellar guest stars.

The book centers around Maria Lauren and Linda Eichberg, two sisters who joined Dean Martin’s fabulous Golddiggers in 1973, one of the grooviest girl groups of all time, and along the way performed with Las Vegas superstars like Louis Prima, Gene Kelly, Jerry Vale, Donald O’Connor, Steve & Eydie, Jonathan Winters, Bob Hope, and so many more.

They were on tour in 1977 with Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin when they hit the road on their last successful run together, earning the girls the nickname "The Rat Pack Golddiggers" because they were so beloved by Dean & Frank.

The Alberici Sisters share their amazing experiences in this 340 page Oral History of the Go-Go 1970s in Las Vegas and beyond.

Rat Pack Book / Beyond Our Wildest DreamsHere are some of the highlights from

- The unusual way these young Italian-Hungarian gals from Philadelphia grew up - no milk, no meat, no sugar, no white bread. Ever.

- Barely out of High School, despite having been out on only a date or two, these devout Catholics joined Dean Martin's Golddiggers for TV, Las Vegas shows and touring all over the country.

- What was Dean REALLY like? Was he the drunken womanizer he played on TV?

- Filming the Dean Martin shows and Roasts with all the stellar guest stars - Orson Welles, Gene Kelley, Loretta Lynn, Dom DeLuise, Ronald & Nancy Reagan, Jonathan Winters, Nipsey Russell, Shirley Jones and many more.

- Working with the legendary Louis Prima on his last tour.

- In Vegas and on tour they appeared with Jerry Vale, Bobby Goldsboro, Red Skelton, Steve & Eydie and many others.

- Missing by a few weeks being the victims of the deadliest mob hit in history.

- On the road with Milton Berle, Donald O'Connor and dirty old man George Jessel in the Roy Radin Vaudeville Revue (Roy Radin was the victim in the notorious Cotton Club Murder - he was born on Friday the thirteenth, went missing on Friday the thirteenth, his body was found on Friday the thirteenth with thirteen bullet holes in him. He was also head of the Church of Satan, nothing of which the girls knew at the time, of course! They were and are devoted Christians.).

- A near death experience in the air with Bob Hope.

- And, of course, working with Frank Sinatra and Dean together for the last time they toured as a duo - including dates at the Sabre Room in Chicago, The Latin Casino in Cherry Hill, NJ, and the mobbed up Westchester Premier Theatre in New York.

BEYOND OUR WILDEST DREAMS - Exciting stories in the words of the folks who were there, with more than 350 pictures from this astonishing journey through show business.


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Beyond Our Wildest Dreams

Beyond Our
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