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Cool rare comic books
you may not know about

by John Hitchcock

John Hitchcock, nationally noted comic book/original art collector presents some rare examples of comic books from his collection. John Hitchcock owns the Parts Unknown Comic Book Shop in Greensboro, North Carolina located near the corner of Spring Garden and Mendenhall and can be reached at 336- 272-0191

87th Precinct
© Dell Comics Four Color 1309 /1962
This tough to find book is Bernie Krigstein's last comic book work. He's the man who illustrated the well known Master Race for E.C. Comics (one of the finest stories ever told in comic form and an inspiration for Art Spiegleman's Maus). This book is no masterpiece, in fact it looks rushed and largely uninspired, but it is historically important and contains a few visually exciting pages.

Smash Comics no.30
Quality Comics 1942
This is one of my favorite finds. This issue contains a 'Midnite' story by Jack Cole and 'The Jester' by Paul Gustavson and 'Wildfire' by Jim Mooney. I gave copies of this book to both Al Williamson and Murphy Anderson because they both wanted to own the last brilliant story of 'The Ray' by Lou Fine. One of the fortie's best superhero artists, Lou Fine is to comics what Fred Astaire is to dance.
Journey into Mystery no. 54
© Marvel Comics Sept. 1959
The old Atlas (which later became Marvel Comics) monster books are all cool, but this one issue has an amazing list of talent. Believe it or not, this one book has stories illustrated by Steve Ditko, Joe Sinnott, Al Williamson, John Severin and Jack Kirby (who did the great cover). Whew!
Flash Gordon no. 13
© Charlton Comics 1969
Fifteen pages of Flash Gordon from a young Jeff Jones, add to that a great cover by under-appreciated Pat Boyette and you have a very worthwhile addition to your Charlton Comics collection.
Thunder Agents no.7
© Tower Comics Aug. 1966
The Thunder Agents books are true originals. Twenty issues of 25 cent annual-sized brilliance, this series was brought to life mostly by the genius of Wally Wood and this issue contains the death of Thunder Agent 'Menthor'. I have strong memories of this book from my childhood, this was the first time I ever experienced a comic book character dying. Heavy stuff for a young mind in the sixties.
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