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2007-08 New TV Shows Reviewed

Coming this fall from FOX - this intriguing police drama comes on strong and keeps you guessing from the start, it could be the best new show of the new season.

K-Ville is a breathless, wild ride that takes place in flood ravaged New Orleans which makes for an unsettling locale for a cop show to be sure. The show stars Anthony Anderson (Antwon Mitchell from The Shield) as Marlin Boulet, a troubled member of NOPD's Felony Action Squad. His partner, played by Cole Hauser (ER), is Afghan war veteran Trevor Cobb.

Of course, these cops are of the break-the-rules school (otherwise it wouldn't be interesting right?) in much the same manner of The Shield So was the first episode of K-Ville as good as the first episode of The Shield? I think so; keep in mind that show got better as the season went along. What that means for the future remains to be seen but this FOX fall entry has plenty of potential, offering an extraordinary opportunity to explore the underlying tensions that exist in the aftermath of the levee failures.

As is the style of the day, K-Ville is shot cinema verite with lots of wobbly, hand-held action. The stark, desaturated cinematography is appropriately unsettling, capturing the uneasy flavor of the Big Easy to a T. If you're prone to epileptic seizures I suggest you skip this one. Seriously, some of the chase sequences are pretty intense.

Both heart-wrenching and action packed, K-Ville delivers loads of suspense with twists and turns that will leave you aghast. The quiet moments are well-written and handled, in fact, the entire cast is top of the line. Even the music drops are welcome and not overblown.

Dare I allow myself to get excited about this one?

K-Ville airs after Prison Break - Monday nights on Fox starting this fall - here's the trailer for the series.

2007-08 New TV Shows Reviewed


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