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2007-08 New TV Shows Reviewed

From the highly acclaimed Farrelly Brothers, The Rules For Starting Over (slated for spring) is about a group of thirty something singles that sports a solid cast but is devoid of the one thing I look for in a sitcom. Laughs.

You may know the Farrely Brothers from their big screen hits like There's Something About Mary, Shallow Hal and Dumb & Dumber - one of which was actually funny.

The Rules For Starting Over is a lot like Friends with slightly older people sitting around talking about mundane aspects of life peppered with flacid zingers that lead one to an overwhelming sense of - well, the mundane. The rest of the program consists of a series of absurb but highly predictable dating vignettes.For instance, to demonstrate how difficult dating is for our protagonist, the first show starts out with hot monkey love and the lead character being nearly anally raped by an orangatan.

This show is patterened after every bad sitcom around with empty characters spouting dialogue that sounds clever but isn't, like an orchestra defiantly playing out of tune. There's even a clone of Fez from That '70s Show (how tired is that routine?).

They certainly went to a lot of trouble to create a good show with multiple location shoots to keep things interesting but it washed over me like a tide that deposits toxic sludge on the shore.

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Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles

Back To You

The Rules For Starting Over

Li'l Bush

Canterbury's Law

New Amsterdam



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