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It's Show Time!

It was the big night and I was really ready to climb into the ring and start my wrestling career.

That last line was again a total lie.

The day had finally arrived and I had no idea I was really going to get into the ring.

It was a thing that kind of came together once Chris Cruise and I showed up at the Thomasville armory. Cruise went back to the dressing room and worked out the whole thing. I just sat out in the crowd with Bruce and Big Eddie thinking that I could really light up the Lumbee Warrior if worse came to worse. The rest of the guys had no idea what was going on.

And I told nobody anything.

Hell, I didn't know anything.

I got the wave from Cruise and I went back to find out just what was the deal. Cruise had gotten everything worked out with Chris Plano the promoter. We were going to stir up the crowd for three matches and then hit the ring.

It really did work out much better than anyone could have dreamed.

We sat there stirring up the crowd being total assholes as usual, cheering for the heels and hammering the faces. Same old stuff, this crowd was use to this and most of them hated our group anyway so it was quite a shock when things started happening. After the first match it was announced by Chris Plano that Rick Link was injured and had surgery and could not make the show that night.

We all flew into a rage and started complaining about the promotion using the old bait and switch and we all deserved a refund because this was false advertising. Plano kind of blew us off and continued with the show. Both Cruise and I continued to bitch and moan about the whole deal.

After the third match, Plano again announced again that Link was not going to wrestle at the show that night. Cruise and I went off again really giving Plano hell that his promotion really sucked.

Plano then turned to us and said if we weren't happy that we could get into the ring and do something about it. So we stood there and gave this idea a little thought and the crowd started giving us shit about being chicken. So then we both walked into the ring. I think that was the first time I ever had been in a real ring so I went under the first rope and almost busted my ass. A few fans in the crowd noticed that I screwed up and began to give me shit. It didn't bother me at all but you can bet that the next time I was going thru the second rope for sure.

Plano started really giving Cruise a hard time claiming that he had no right telling him anything and I think he called me his stooge or something like that. Cruise calmly took the microphone and began blowing Plano out. As soon as Cruise began to talk, I clothes lined the shit out of Plano from behind and the place went absolutely nuts. It was really amazing to be in the ring and have all these fans go from shock to hate in fifteen seconds.

Plano left the ringside very quickly and I grabbed up the mic from Cruise and I began to give the security hell for being such slackers for not doing their jobs correctly. Then I explained to the crowd that they could feel honored to be in the presence of a man like Chris Cruise.

That really got the heat from these toothless wonders.
Then from the ring announce table, Old time wrestling promoter Ken Spence stared calling me a mark.


A mark?

Well he was right but I was not going to back down to anyone at this point and I told him that I knew all about Spence and his so called career. I began to rant that I remember when he was trained (along with Rick Link), by the great Johnny Hunter.

"Johnny Hunter was a great man and truly loved wrestling but he was not a great business man. And that there were many nights that Johnny didn't make enough money to pay the wrestlers so he paid them with day old donuts from his bread truck.

And now looking you Spence, I can tell who ate most of the cream filled! "

This was a good line because Spence at this time weighed in at about 600 pounds.

And he was like a local legend and it opened a perfect opportunity for me to establish that we were the bad guys.
Then Cruise began railing on Link being a coward and a no talent for not showing up at this show.

Suddenly, the house lights went out and Link walked from the back and went into the ring. He had surgery legit on his arm but nobody knew he was there. Funny as we stood in the ring I realized that Cruise and I were going to be standing right next to Link when the lights came on and that was not the right way to do this thing.

So I grabbed Cruise and pulled him to the other side of the ring. When the lights came on, we were both looking at the crowd and Man, I will never as long as I live forget the look on all those fans faces. They all began to yell and point that Link was just behind us.

It was priceless!

We continued to talk trash about Link and the place just got hotter. I turned around and saw Link first and hammed in up by walking over to Cruise and let him know Link was right in the ring and he was pissed off.

We both began to tell Link that we were just kidding around and He knew we were his biggest fans. The crowd that night really started to boo us then and Link grabbed the microphone and began to really talk shit to us.

Believe it or not he even called me a "pussy."

Link then started toward Cruise and I stepped in to slow him down. I told Link that if he took another step, I would have to kick his ass. Link threw one punch and I went down as "fast as the sun". (That was a direct quote from Bruce Mitchell's column in the Torch.)

Hey, who said I was a wrestler in the first place?

Just as Link closed in on the Cruiser, the lights went out again. When they came on a bunch of wrestlers from the back hit the ring and beat Link up. Link was bleeding pretty badly and Cruise went on a rant claiming that next time we meet, Link is going to lose the Brass Knuckles Title.
Cruise and I then basically fought our way back to the dressing room.

Later that night, Bruce and I talked for hours about this whole experience at Denny's.

Next Time,
On to Virginia and the Title


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