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On Tour: The Meadowlands

The inside scoop was that Flair was going to win the World Title back from Sting at the New Jersey Meadowland show. This news was perfect timing for me. I was already going to be in New York for the big Comic book Convention in Manhattan .

At times like this I know there is a rasslin God looking out for me. The Comic Book show was really super and I had to figure out a way to get to the New Jersey without taking a cab. That is serious cash my friends taking a cab that distance. I took the hotel shuttle for ten bucks to the airport. I knew the Airport Hilton would be close so off I went. As we started to New Jersey, it started to sleet and snow. I freaked out. But we are talking a Flair title change so I sucked it up and went on.

Once I got to the airport the damn place was a nut house due to the weather. People were crawling the walls trying to get out of the airport. I mean it was impossible to even get a cab to the hotel. There was a line fifty people deep waiting for a cab ride out of this hellhole. So I started looking around and I spotted the Hilton lights outside!

 Man, I can walk that easy so like a dumb ass I took off walking through the snow and sleet towards the hotel. This would be a cool move in North Carolina but in the frozen north things are not as close as they seem. I am walking for about a mile when I realize that this is really stupid. It was not the distance but the eight-lane highway I had to cross in this shitty weather. I still get cold writing about this. I finally hit the hotel parking lot and sloshed my way into the hotel lobby. I am covered in snow when I get in and who is standing there laughing at me but Sting. Sting takes one look and waves me to the front of the hotel check in line. He is laughing his ass off and says, "Hey, Did you walk all the way from Greensboro ?"

It felt like it trust me.

Sting wanted to know why I was here and I was not going to tell him I knew the finish and he was going to do the job and drop the title. I just said and I quote, "Aaahh, I am a big fan!" unquote.

 Man, is that a lame lie or what?

I really don't think he bought it but I didn't want to jerk the guy around. Looking back I should have said, "Hey dude, I came all the way from Greensboro to see you do the job. I mean you ain't drawing and you ain't making any cash for the company so I came to see the Nature Boy Rule!"

But, I didn't do that for some reason.

After along wait, and I do mean long, Bruce, Wade and K.C. showed up so I could throw my stuff in the hotel room. We got to meet a lot of wrestlers. Luger went nuts that we were there and he introduced us to the Stieners and Tom Zenk. Why do I always have to meet Tom Zenk anyway? Why can't some one introduce me to Terry Funk or Buzz Sawyer? It is always Tom fuckin Zenk.

My life, welcome to it.

A lot of hardcore fans showed up for this show at the Meadowlands. Meltzer called a limo service, which was a great idea. This was such a good idea that Mike Gunner did the same thing. There was at least ten guys going and you just couldn't get a cab in this weather.  So when the two limos showed, we all piled in the first one and took off.

The second limo driver didn't know what to think.

 "Hey man, I think Tom Zenk needed a ride."

If ever any one asks what the worst pain in the world is I usually answer kidney surgery. The second worse is riding to the Meadowlands with Mark Madden sitting on you. Madden is a really nice guy but the guy is a load. Trust me, I know.

 Well as we made our way to the show we all noticed that a lot of people were wrecking their cars on the highway. The weather was really brutal and suddenly right in front of the limo a Volkswagen did an eight sixty. Meltzer then said that if there was a wreck and everyone got killed that there would be no more newsletters left in the world.

 That is a sobering thought.

 Slow down ace! Slow down!

I really doubt that with all the traction we had with Madden, Gunner, and Jimmy Suzuki that we had anything to worry about.

 The weather really did a job on attendance and who can blame them. For the first time Meltzer got us all comp tickets. Well it was the first freebees I ever got for a show. And what great seats, second row right behind Beth Flair! She was very cool and actually thanked us for being there. I felt sorry for her because she was sitting next to those strange Red Beret security people from New York . We all know those people are nuts but then again look at the example I was setting.

The show was a third full but that was understandable. There was a mixed match with Lex Luger teaming with Lawrence Taylor in a football match. This was right during the NFL playoffs and the Giants were on their run to the Super bowl. Very strange that the New York Giants would allow something like this to happen but I doubt they even knew it .

 Then came the Flair verses Sting match and sadly Sting mailed it in and did nothing in the match. Even the Great Ric Flair couldn't save this one. It was a real stink bomb. Personally I was very disappointed in Sting for not respecting the title or Flair by having a shitty match. I will never understand the guy.

Flair won back the title but it was not a match that I ever want to see again. It was very cool when on television they showed the title change and you could see all of us sitting there. I can imagine all the people wondering what the Front Row was doing in New Jersey? 

The newsletter elite went back stage to talk with the stars. I was told I could not go back and visit. That was cool with me but I was getting tied of being treated so rudely by people that knew better. So I went out in the god damn cold and flagged down the limo. Believe it or not the limo driver did come back and was circling the arena. I told the driver to wait and the guys would be out soon. It was a long soon. I bet I was out there for at least an hour driving around the building. Just as the limo driver had me convinced that the other guys had gotten a ride with someone else, I spotted Wade and Bruce hiking through the foot of snow trying to find us. All the guys then piled in and once again, I got the Madden Crunch. Now I know why I do not have any children.

It was a mess trying to get out of there but we then went to Lawrence Taylor's bar to hang out. That wasn't a whole lot of fun either because they were not serving food and the wrestlers were in the upstairs VIP room so it was a pain getting a chance to talk to them.

  New Jersey is no paradise to me.


Clearing the air.
All the really strange things that I have ever seen at Rasslin that I can't work in to a column but I am going to do anyway





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