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"My friends tell me I have intimacy problems... but they don't know me, so who cares what they think?"
- Garry Shandling




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How Las Vegas Has Changed Since the 1970s

How Las Vegas Has Changed Since the 1960s

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BONUS: Garry Shandling in Las Vegas


"It's not the hair on your head that matters.
It's the kind of hair you have inside."

- Garry Shandling

Watch a young Garry Shandling in a 1980 appearance on the Merv Griffin Show shot in Las Vegas, it's one of his first national TV spots. This predates his first appearance on the Tonight show with Johnny Carson by a year.


Four years later he starred in a one hour special, Garry Shandling: Alone in Vegas, his first stand up special, seen on Showtime in 1984.

"I practice safe sex -
I use an airbag."

- Garry Shandling


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