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Romper Room - Pittsburg

:: Romper Room with Miss Jan in Pittsburgh:

This photo is from in April of 1970, on WTAE-TV, channel 4. Miss Jan (Bohna) passed away in 2005. I am the shy one with my head down. Still like that today.
- Ken Matyonosky

Romper Room in Pittsburg
Miss Jan was hostess from the 1960s until the early-'70s.

Miss Jan & Romper Room school

Romper Room in Pittsburge

Miss Jan - Romper Room photoI was on Romper Room with Ms. Jan sometime in the last 60's or early 70's. I don't remember being on the show, but I still remember Ms. Jan. She was just beautiful and so sweet and I absolutely loved her.

The photos aren't dated, but I was about 5 years old, so that would be sometime in '69 or '70. I've been told, over and over, that I was "So Funny" when I was on the show and I made Ms. Jan laugh and laugh. I'm the little girl on the far left in the first picture.

That's me in the second picture kneeling in front of Ms. Jan. I get the feeling, she kept me where she could keep an eye on me. In the third photo, I'm on the far left. My mom told me I was on the show several times, and based on the different clothes, I guess that was the case.

Just by chance, I found a mention of Ms. Jan in a society page article a few years ago. I emailed the author and she passed on a Hello and Thanks to Ms. Jan. A few days later, I received a sweet thank you. Ms. Jan was a just sweet lady.

- Take care, Janine

Chances are you were on the show more than once - usually kids on the program appeared for the entire week, 5 broadcasts

Romper Room TV show

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