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2008 TV Shows Reviews

Prison Break Season Three
I've just seen the initial two episodes of the third season of Prison Break and it looks like it'll another winning year for the series.

One of the critiques that Prison Break received on it's debut was, once the guys have broken out of prison what do you do next? Keep dropping them back behind bars and start over? The producers stunned TV viewers by making season two as good or better than the exemplary first year even though most of the action took place outside the penitentiary walls. But can they do it again?

Season three debuts on FOX on Monday September 17th to answer that question. The stakes are higher than ever for our one-the-run brothers as younger bro Michael finds himself once again behind prison walls with T-Bag, Mahone, and poor Bellick, Former guard Bellick has it especially bad as he finds himself the lowest man on the totem pole, reduced to limping around the yard in his tighty-whiteys for the first 2 episodes (not a pretty sight).

This time the guys are confined in a Panamanian hellhole so unrestrained that the guards abandoned it and left the prisoners to run the joint. In order to save Lincoln's wife and son (that kid is nothing but a pain in the ass) Michael has to bust himself and another prisoner out and finds himself, quite literally, in a fight for his life.

No doubt this will be the make-or-break year for this outstanding series. There are some fiendish new characters to contend with in this hellatious new environment; season 3 is shaping up to be just as compelling and exciting as the previous two.

Prison Break fans (count me in) should be well pleased at this new conundrum.

Prison Break season 3 debuts on FOX Monday night, September 17th at 8:00pm. It's followed at 9:00 by another excellent series, K-Ville.

2008 TV Shows Reviews
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