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Expand Your Horizons: Top 4 Must-Watch Documentaries for College Students

The amalgamation of education and entertainment is a remarkable way to facilitate learning in a fun way. A whole generation of youth has improved their knowledge and broadened their worldview through the Discovery channel. The equal amount of information that you may get from reading a book for a month can be gathered more efficiently through a 3-hour video. 

This is why documentaries are crucial to satiate your curiosity in your college years. Despite having a time crunch, you can always find time for some entertaining non-fiction movie marathons on a lazy Sunday afternoon and serve your appetite for knowledge. And if not, you can ask a professional paper writer from a reliable writing service to complete my assignment while you spare time for some info-loaded films. 

So, if you are up for it, here are four remarkable documentaries you should definitely watch. 

4 Documentaries That Educate and Inspire

An Inconvenient Truth (2006)

An Amazon Prime film produced by Davis Guggenheim, An Inconvenient Truth, sketches the issues of global warming and climate change and the potential consequences. The documentary almost strikingly creates a sense of planetary emergency by featuring USA’s former vice president Al Gore. 

At that time, when Gore created a slideshow and presented it over 1000 times in front of audiences, the concept caught the eye of producer Laurie David. She then, along with co-producer Lawrence Bender and director Davis Guggenheim, turned that presentation into a film. 

The documentary will take you through the efforts Al Gore put in for the cause and how it was all connected with his anecdotes. It will inspire you to be more eco-conscious in your day-to-day life and take a determined approach towards reducing your carbon footprints. Meanwhile, an online essay writer can help you with your homework.

The Social Dilemma (2020)

A ground-breaking American Docudrama that sheds light on the dangers and consequences of social networking. Before the documentary, most people never saw beyond what meets the eye, thinking social media is just a place to hang around, share life stories, and connect with other people. 

However, the documentaries unearthed the unseen algorithms, exposing hidden motives for manipulating human behavior and emotions. You will also learn how these supposedly harmless platforms are designed to nurture addiction to maximize profits, trace every individual’s digital footprint to increase consumption and exploit data to spread propaganda. 

The film interviews tech industry insiders, former employees for various social media companies, and engineers to bring forth insights on the other side of the social networking concept. Watch it to broaden your perspective on how you are not a user but a consumer of the social media giants. 

Food, Inc. (2008)

If you think all the labels on your food packets are from different companies, you would be surprised after watching this documentary. The slow and steady poisoning of food in the name of advancement is shown aptly in the film as it examines the food industry in the United States of America. 

The director Robert Kenner analyzes how Mammoth Corporations have taken over all of the food chains in the country and how the commercialization of the industry has downplayed people’s, animal’s, and the environment’s wellness. From genetically altering food grains to producing unhealthy meat, it proceeds to question the ethics in the industry. 

The documentary will open your eyes and inspire you to be more mindful of your food choices for your own good. You can choose an essay writing help for your assignments while you understand the mechanics of food in the USA.

Humans Need Not Apply (2014)

With the ongoing fear of AI taking over jobs, in-depth analysis to understand the dynamics of this fast-growing technology will be good for you. A short-film documentary released in 2014 explores the potential impact of automation on the job market and human employment. 

Even though the speculations in the documentary may feel too far-fetched, the possibilities are undeniable in the current scenario. Through this documentary, you will gain great insights into how economic aspects drive the automation industry. The film also specifically mentions that the development of the speculation is based on historical advancements and consequences that followed. 


The documentaries you watch compel you to think from a different perspective and reason depths of topics that you may or may not otherwise discuss or think about. You must watch the above films recommended by the best assignment services for starters and then move on to exploring more genres that interest you. But ensure giving these documentaries some time and attention to learn and strengthen your critical thinking. 


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