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Justice League movie

Why I don't think
Hollywood can pull
off a Justice League movie

...even though The Avengers films are awesome on every level?
by Billy Ingram

There's been no official word but the DC characters in the Justice League of America film are rumored to be Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, J'onn J'onzz Manhunter from Mars, The Flash, and Green Lantern. Maybe Aquaman as well.

The problem, and this was true of the 3 'Tim Burton' Batman movies, is that filmmakers tend to get bogged down in origin stories and there are just too many to be told here. Sure, we all know Superman and Batman by now, but Green Lantern had a movie that stiffed... for that matter Superman Returns was a big disappointment. If the writers try to tell three or more back stories it's going to be a bore. That's what killed the Spiderman franchise before the reboot, too much exposition. The Avengers was able to build on the massive sucess, and therefore added recognition factor, of the Hulk, Iron Man, Captain America and Thor movies. No exposition needed.

Even if they avoid the origins trap, what menace is big enough to need all that super-firepower? Darkseid is rumored to be the villain, another BIG origin story will be needed there. (Darkseid is a Jack Kirby character and has a Marvel like mythos. DC should have treated Kirby like the King he was given the mileage they've gotten so far out of his odd characters even though they never seemed to fit too nicely into DC's bland by comparison stable).

Marvel was known for heroes with feet of clay, always taking an overall humorous approach that told readers (and movie goers) they didn't take things too seriously. Not so with the DC line-up, and that's going to be another issue. With all those disparate characters flying and running around, it will have to be the greatest action movie ever to satisfy audiences. Superman, Wonder Woman, and Batman trading barbs isn't going to fly, so it's all about the action.

If Christian Bale returns to play Batman, how will the Dark Knight fit into the world of Wonder Woman, Flash and the other fantastical comic book icons? You have nearly unlimited power (Superman and Green Lantern), one note characters like Flash, and J'onn J'onzz (and possibly Aquaman), and this one lone avenger, Batman. Could you imagine any of those characters making a cameo in The Dark Knight Rises? "Hi Wonder Woman, what are you doing here in Gotham?"

But, they brilliantly rebooted James Bond with Skyfall so we'll see. I just don't think Hollywood can break it down for the Justice League, even if Christopher Nolan directs. Already the screenplay that had been prepared by Will Beal, labored on for over a year, has been scrapped. No doubt he ran up against the problems that will plague the next screenwriter. Good luck!


Why I don't think Hollywood
can pull off a Justice League movie

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