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TVparty is Classic TV on the internet!Los Angeles 1980's punk / new wave scene

judy zee*Missing Persons
at Dillon's in Westwood

by Judy Zee

daleMissing Persons is a band not to be missed. They have been rehearsing together for three quarters of a year before surfacing. Now Ken Scott is producing their music and it's already getting airplay on such prime stations as KFRC in San Francisco and KNEW in New York. They are high potential hitmakers.

Where do these mysteriosos come from?
And who are they??

The lead singer Dale Bozzio, originally from Boston, has previously worked on some infamous Zappa pieces. From the 'Mary from Canoga Park" bit in 'Wet T-shirt Contest' to 'I Don't Wanna Get Drafted'. Terry Bozzio (yes, they're married) has San Franciscan roots- he is molecules in motion on the drum set and worked with Zappa 'Live at the Hammersmith Odeon', 'Baby Snakes' and the acclaimed 'Joe's Garage'.

Warren Cuccurullo- another Zappa sideman, great guitarist that he is, hails from Brooklyn. . . and played in the New York production of 'The Rocky Horror Picture Show'.

Chuck Wild, the final member to join the group (Dale called him on his birthday and Chuck, thinking that there must be some good luck in this, went out to meet & play with them. . . and ended up being treated to a marvelous birthday dinner by his new co-horts) puts his energy into that OBX synth, and out pops the magic genie of Missing Persons.

This was an occasion!

Dillon's was having Missing Persons play the club's (re)opening night, the first Friday in June, 1981. It is the eve of a new era for the club's existence. They are no longer a disco- heretofore Dillon's will be presenting new live rock!

personsSo the band, rumored to be signing with IRS records, did a harried soundcheck less than an hour before the show. Dillon's stage is so small that the squeezing of equipment and room for four musicians was a bitch: also the electrical connections were not all compatible, so the synth somehow was miked into the amp. All the necessary adaptations completed, they were soon rarin' to go.

Dale Bozzio, singing at center microphone, is skinny as can be, dressed in a petit ballet style suit. DNA structure around the vocal cords in necklace form, chromed in black. Her hair is white blond fluff, with a yards long thin braid falling down her back, swinging as she moves. She's tuff, and sings well, always on the beat, accurate on those 16th notes. But she seems to act out a contrived innocence, a night punk.


These original Data-Boy Music columns have been collected in a book with LOTS of new material and photos - it's the story of Data-Boy magazine and the LA Punk / Post-Punk scene. The story presented is a lot more complete!

LA Punk Rock

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Terry Bozzio
terry bozzio

The overall sound is tight and together; ever so on "Words" as Dale sings "What are words for? Nobody listens anymore." Where in the hell did they get that drummer? He's great- no snow job here. Once glancing at Terry Bozzio, only a concerted effort can draw your gaze away. Percussively, Terri is just right; he has a feel for the material and resultingly comes across magnetizing, exuding an astonishing androgynous sexuality. watching him play is exciting- perhaps Terry is a missing person, anonymously projecting an essence to each song, he puts his all into bringing their message to the audience.

Warren Cuccurullo
Warren Cuccurullo is provocative, with a dramatic accent of deep dark mascara and dressed all in black leather on this opening night. Warren is a hot flash on his modified Vox axe- he moves and grooves in an intensely New York way, a style not to be snuffed at. He espouses that kind of heat... more than his looks are hot- it's his guitar-playing, that sharp, never overstated guitar action.
warren cuccurullo
chuck wild
Chuck Wild
The angle at which the OBX was placed onstage made it rather hard to get a good view of Chuck; he was more hidden from the audience at Dillon's. But you could tell he was there. The electronic backbone of the group was surely audible, taking an awesome place in the arrangements, doing moods, bass, melodies, leads and more. Mutron effects by a keyboardist is a rare sight these days. Not so with Missing Persons. With an instrumentalist as versatile as the instrument, watchout, there's a lot in store! Chuck's basically a progressive player, though occasionally out came Gary Numan-ish sounds with non-synth licks.

dale bozzio Missing Persons - something new? Avante-garde gibberish, musical lyrics... walking contorted mannikin-esque gestures in final form? The arrangements are snazzy. On 'No Way Out', I get the feeling that Dale must have seen Manhattan scene-creator Elda Stilletto before and picked up on her attitudinal vocal attack- Dale sings accusingly sharp and hot a la Elda.  

That's their high. Dale's valley, still Mary from Canoga Park, no wonder Frank Zappa regurgitated them out into the street to form their own garage band. They have a good fighting chance in this LA swamp. And this one's got Ken Scott. Remember David Bowie's 'Ziggy Stardust' and The Beatle's 'White Album'...? They are but a few of Ken Scott's vinyl accomplishments.

Slowworld UPDATE: Chuck Wild has an incredible new series of CD's recorded under the name Liquid Mind, and you can find info at the
Liquid Mind website. Check it out!

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TVparty is Classic TV on the internet!
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