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john cale

Los Angeles 1980's punk / new wave scene billy&judy
John Cale at the Whisky
July 9, 1981 - by judy zee

John Cale Back in LA

John Cale, once a huge creative force with the Velvet Underground, still carries a tune - soulful, bizarre and realistic, one which brings a small but devoted following.

The man is a poet; a prophetic, tragic troubadour of our times. His last show in LA was at The Whisky in March of 1980 - but it was an effective performance as I recall. But this June's show at the same club was simply fantastic.

Saturday night, for the late show, Cale was lookin' well as he stepped onstage to play for us - he was wearing shades and a blue spacesuit, playing a bright red Hammer guitar. As the light illuminated him from below, he looked powerful, an expressive artist ready for anything and everything that could arise.

There is a certain wistfulness in the songs Cale does, you can hear it in his voice, one that has grown from seeing people's unsated desires, and from watching the direction of society become continually colder and uglier. Somehow he has sardonically accepted this change... this eerie romantic edge in Cale's music has caught his followers and held them - the lyrics hold messages worth listening to (a far too seldom occurrence in rock music).

john cale

But Cale sure rocks!!!

And his band sure knew how to rock on Saturday night! They had it all down and the music flowed as easily as cream- not only were they all superb musicians, but they had been on tour together for two months before coming to LA. This made for some clean, hardcore rock and roll.

The music slips slips from 'Gay Paris' (a catchy bright melodic piece) with Cale on guitar, to a song on which he plays electric piano, singing about poor old widows 'hungry for their souls' waiting by the docks for their sailor boys- "cold people getting colder'.

The music is tastefully arranged, rather dramatic, reaching the insides of the listener... John Cale can only be fully appreciated when seen live.

I've not time for more than a quick report on this, sometimes clocks are ahead of people, so that's all there is to say about John Cale.

He'll seemingly always be there, and always return to the Whisky. Next time around, I hope to see you there. He's a special one.

Rock On! ...The Zee

These original Data-Boy Music columns have been collected in a book with LOTS of new material and photos - it's the story of Data-Boy magazine and the LA Punk / Post-Punk scene. The story presented is a lot more complete!

LA Punk Rock

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