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saturday mornings 1967

1966 was the year network Saturday morning programming really kicked into gear.

Batman was still popular in prime-time, so 1967 naturally brought more caped crusaders and sci-fi shows, mostly from the Hanna-Barbera Studios.

Saturday perennial Bugs Bunny moved to Sunday mornings in 1967.

Popular in syndication - Batfink, a parody of Batman from Hal Seegar and Terrytoons.

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Commercials from Where The Action Is airing Saturdays in 1967.  

Frankenstein Jr. and
the Impossibles

Held over from last year. 'The Impossibles were a traveling rock band that transformed into the most useless heroes ever - like a guy who could turn into water.

Herculoids / CBS


Also from Hanna-Barbera, a classic example of style over substance. Incredible Alex Toth character and space ship designs are all that's needed.

Weird creatures named Zok, Igoo, Tundro, Gloop and Gleep protect their peaceful planet from villians with names like Maggon, Zartan, Amaak, Darkon, Queen Skorra, Vipon and the Gladiators of Kyanite. Ran for two years.


Shazzan! / CBS
Another half-hour of Hanna-Barbera's idea of science-fiction. Shazzan (no relation to Shazam) was a genie that befriended Chuck and Nancy, transporting them back to ancient times to frolic with their camel Kaboobie.

Not to be confused with Shazam! which came a few years later on CBS.


Space Ghost / CBS

Now you're into two solid hours of H/B sci-fi nonsense, and kids couldn't get enough. This was the highest-rated program on Saturday mornings in 1967.

Space Ghost was originally voiced by Gary Owens of 'Laugh-in' Fame. The adventures of Dino Boy were a part of this half-hour, very similar in nature to Mighty Mightor which followed.

Space Ghost and the preceeding shows were combined into the syndicated 'Hanna-Barbera's World of Super Adventure' in the Eighties.


Moby Dick and
the Mighty Mightor

Still more H/B silliness. Two kids ride with the friendly white whale Moby Dick into underwater adventures.

Meanwhile, caveboy Tor becomes The Mighty Mightor to fend off ferocious prehistoric creatures like the Ice Creatures, the Stonemen, the Fire People, the Serpent Queen and the like.

Like Space Ghost, this was another Alex Toth designed series.


The Superman, Aquaman
Hour of Adventure

Aquaman adventures join Superman to fill out an hour of cartoon segments.

Made up mostly of reruns from last season (eight new Superman episodes were filmed). Typical plot: A monkey returns from an experimental space flight to battle Superman with kryptonite vision.

Superboy was featured in separate adventures, as were The Flash, Teen Titans, Green Lantern, Justice League, and other DC Comics heroes.


Jonny Quest / CBS

More fully animated (and fully written) than anything that followed from the Hanna-Barbera studio, truly the cartoon studio's shining moment.

Originally ran for one year (1964) in primetime, this was the first of five years on Saturday mornings.

CBS continued programming with 'The Lone Ranger' reruns at 1:00 and 'Road Runner' at 1:30.

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Tom and Jerry aired on CBS Sundays
at 9-9:30 am from 1967 - 1972.


Super 6 / NBC

Second year for Elevator Man, Super Stretch, Magneto Man, and Granite Man - the represent Super Services Inc, heroes for hire.

They seemeded to give most of these superhero concepts a minimum of thought. Look across the hall, there's the elevator - we'll create a character called Elevator Man!

Also seen: Super Bwoin (a character that played guitar) and The Brothers Matzoriley. This season was a collection of reruns from the last year.


Super President / NBC

Able to leap tall interns in a single bound.

James Norcross, aka Super President, had powers born in a cosmic storm. He could turn to steel, granite or whatever else he needed.

Also seen: Spy Shadow, a private detective who could turn into his shadow.

Paul Frees voiced Super President and Ted Cassidy ('The Munsters') was Spy Shadow.


The Flinstones / NBC

Second season of reruns on Saturdays.

1967 commercial for
Flintstones Vitamins


Samson and

A boy and his dog can transform themselves into Samson and his lion Goliath. Last season's Space Kidettes are seen in separate segments.


Birdman / NBC
H/B cartoon about a superguy who gets his powers from the Egyptian Sun God. He battles villians like Reducto and Shado, Dr. Freezoid, the Chameleon, Spyro, Prof. Nightshade, The Empress of Evil, the Ant-Ape, and Shado the Brain Theif. Also features Birdboy.

Because of the superhero craze that the networks were perplexed by, this series was originally conceived - and announced - as a prime-time entry for NBC in 1967 but was moved to Saturdays instead.

The net cancelled Birdman and the Galaxy Trio on Saturday mornings in 1968 in spite of good ratings - they had to cut down on the Saturday morning violence to appease parent groups.

The second feature was The Galaxy Trio - Vapor Man, Meteor Man and Gravity Girl.


Atom Ant / Secret Squirrel

These characters were a bit tired, so they combined the reruns into one half hour.

"Up and at 'em, Atom Ant!"


Top Cat / NBC
Originally ran in primetime, a rip-off (or spin-off?) of Phil Silvers' 'Sargeant Bilko' series. Bilko regular Maurice Gosfield (Doberman) is the voice of one of Top Cat's stooges, Benny the Ball. The great Arnold Stang (shown) was the voice of Top Cat.

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Cool McCool / NBC
Second season.

:1967 Commercials:
(Real Player)

Big Bertha


Shoop Shoop Hula Hoop

Sloppy Joe

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The New Casper
Cartoon Show

(Sorry about the Casper tirade in the '66 listings.)

"Re: the circimstances of CASPER's death: The recent movie notwithstanding, in the '60s and '70s, the standard answer Harvey Comics offered to this oft-asked question was that Casper's Mother and Father were ghosts when they married. Naturally their son would be a ghost too. This answer helped a number of anxious youngsters sleep easier (unless, of course, it occurred to them to ask how Casper's PARENTS died...)

"AND while we're on this macabre subject, in the '70s, Marvel Comics published CRAZY Magazine, at first glance, an obvious MAD ripoff, but occasionally given to dark and offensive humor that more closely resembled NATIONAL LAMPOON. I bring this up because they presented their own rather colorful answer to the question of Casper's death in a parody called "Kaspar the Dead Baby"! Apparently, Kaspar has no hair or ears because his abusive father CUT THEM OFF before stabbing the tyke to death in a drunken fury.

"Well, you asked..."
- JWF3.0

Fantastic Four

Fantastic Four / ABC

Excellent H/B adaptation of the Stan Lee / Jack Kirby Marvel comic.

The stories on the cartoon follow the comic books closely, so the scripts are quite a bit better than standard Saturday fare, even if they are truncated to fit three in a show.

The characters were re-designed by Alex Toth - Jack Kirby's style would have been too difficult to animate, perhaps.


Spiderman / ABC

First of two seasons, another Marvel comic character - not as well realized in animation as the Fantastic Four but with a much better theme song. Most of the stories are based on the comic book adventures of Spiderman.

40 fifteen minute segments were produced this season. The first episode: The Power Of Dr. Octopus.

One of the most famous theme songs in TV history.


Journey to the
Center of the Earth
From the Filmation Studio, the people who bring us the Superman/Aquaman hour. Based on the Jules Verne novel, obviously - lasts only one season.


King Kong / ABC

Last Season for the King and his young friends led by kindly Professor Bond.


George of the Jungle / ABC
Brilliant cartoon from Jay Ward and Bill Scott, the folks who brought you Bullwinkle. Super Chicken and Tom Slick are also on hand.


The New Beatles / ABC


Third year for the Fab Four in animated form - despite the 'New' title this season consisted solely of reruns. Ratings were poor and the show was moved to Sundays in 1968.

Produced by Al Brodax for King Features in New York.


Jumps in and out of the 12:30 & 1:00 slot from season to season. One of the longest running network shows ever. Starring Dick Clark, aka the "world's oldest teenager".

Guests this season included: Merrilee Rush, The Vogues, American Breed, Albert King, Mother Hubbard.

Dick Clark produced another ABC show at 1:30 beginning mid-season called 'Happening '68' starring Paul Revere, Mark Lindsay and the Raiders as hosts (they also hosted the Dick Clark produced daytime show Where The Action Is, 1965-67).

Musical and comedy guests were featured including Stevie Wonder, Bob Crane, Jonathan Harris ('Lost in Space'), Don Adams, and Sal Mineo, Bobby Vee and Jon Provost, Christopher George, Stephen Young and others judged the weekly battle of the bands.

The show popular musical treat went to six days a week in the summer of 1968.



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