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Mark Benjamin Hayden needs your help: I am writing this to introduce our campaign to you and in the process I hope to gain your support for our efforts. is a website we have created to serve as a hub for a campaign to bring 'Frank Black' back to our screens. As many of you will be aware, Frank was the lead protagonist in the 20th Century Fox series "Millennium". Created by X-Files supremo Chris Carter and starring acting veteran Lance Henriksen the show went on to acquire not only awards but a massive cult following as well as breaking many of the boundaries of genre and crime serials at that time.

Since the show reached its conclusion it has not only retained its fans but found many new and enthusiastic supporters through its successful release on DVD and via constant repeat broadcasts throughout the world. It has spread its appeal globally and has inspired fan communities and websites hailing from as far afield as Western and Eastern Europe, USA, Canada, Mainland China and many more besides.

Due to the recent speculation that Lance Henriksen was to reprise the role in "X-Files: I Want To Believe" a huge swell of support and interest in the character was evident in all corners of the Internet. Webmasters were deluged with inquiries, message boards were flooded with shows of support and campaigns emerged on social networking sites and entertainment communities. In addition this desire was bolstered when Frank Spotnitz noted his own, and Chris Carter's, desire to reinvigorate the franchise and called on fans for their support. We are those fans and this campaign is our response to their call.

At the very heart of our efforts is a letter writing campaign, five minutes of your time will make a huge difference and we urge you all to check out the campaign website for hints, tips, templates and contact addresses. All of you can make a real contribution to one of the most coherent efforts thus far seen to return a magnificent character to where he truly belongs: back on our screens not just in our hearts.

Friday, October 31, 2008 - 8:49am


Television BlogBamm Bamm's appearance on The Daily Show earned that program's highest rating ever. I saw that show and - I have to say - I really like this guy Barrack Hussein Obama, more so than any other guy running for the president in my lifetime. But I'm going to go out on a limb here - when you wake up on November 3rd, I predict that Hillary will be sitting in the Oval Office. We'll find out this whole Bamm Bamm / Mr. Slate matchup was a hallucination brought on by LSD that Bill Clinton and his nefarious Demoncratic lieberal commies dumped into the water supply. Just remember you heard it here first.

Christmas TV shows on DVDBob Huggins writes: I saw your blog entry regarding Christmas themed TV shows on DVD. Here’s another from the box set specialists at Mill Creek Entertainment. It costs a bit more than the set you show on your blog, but there’s a huge amount of TV Christmas episodes and specials, mostly from the 1950s. And, of course, Amazon carries it.

From the product description: Mill Creek Entertainment brings to you over 50 episodes of holiday-themed programming from some of your favorite classic television shows. You ll truly enjoy the holidays with the likes of Jack Benny, Liberace, Bob Cummings, Betty White, Ozzie & Harriet Nelson, Raymond Burr and many others. Sit back and relax with the family while you watch such classic shows as The Adventures of Long John Silver, The Beverly Hillbillies, The Red Skelton Show, Dragnet, Sherlock Holmes and Racket Squad. Celebrate the season with your favorite television stars and shows!

Racket Squad had a Christmas episode?!? That Jack Benny Show episode is worth the price of admission alone.

I'm doomed! Plastic Cups and Pop Cans Contain A Compound Which Can Double Your Chance of a Heart Attack.

This is a sad indictment on my poor character, but I would have bought the video tape and kept the money. Hey, you go to the Salvation Army store for a bargain, right?

From the sublime to the completely ridiculous. From the press release:
While most broadcast and cable networks will be focused on the presidential election that day, Maury Povich will be dressed up and acting "presidential" as viewers will be offered an Election Day alternative, "Time To Vote! Born Man or Woman?" This special episode features some transgender candidates, as well as others who were born as women, strutting their stuff in front of the show's live studio audience. The audience and viewers at home will be able to vote on whether the candidates are really women or men in disguise.

Maury states that, "This is probably the most important election in our country's history." He's referring to the trannies, not to Bam Bamm & Mr. Slate. "You ARE the father of that transvestite!"

I need some Bill Hicks.

Friday, October 31, 2008 - 6:40am


Christmas specials on DVD / Christmas DVDsLook at what you can get for a measly five bucks:
Disc 1 contains 11 classic television Christmas episodes:
The Beverly Hillbillies
- Turkey Day, Christmas at the Clampetts& Home for Christmas.
The Burns and Allen Show - Gracie and Relatives
The Jack Benny Show - Christmas Shopping and New Year's Eve
Ozzie & Harriet - Late Christmas Gift, The Christmas Tree, Piano for the Fraternity and Busy Christmas
Liberace - The Christmas Show

Disc II: Classic Christmas TV Specials
The Little Christmas Burro - Narrated by Lorne Greene
Brightest Night
The Little King - Christmas Night
The Christmas Visitor
Toys Will Be Toys
Santa's Pocket Watch
Ginger Nutts Christmas Circus
Silent Night, The Story of the Christmas Carol
Little Gray Neck
Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer
(Not the famous version)
Santa's Surprise
Christmas Comes but Once A Year
Snow Foolin
Hector's Hectic Life
Jack Frost
(Not the famous version)
The Shanty Where Santy Claus Lives
Somewhere in Dreamland
The Night Before Christmas
The Candlemaker
The Star of Bethlehem
Jack Frost
(The popular version)

Disc III:
Beyond Tomorrow (1940)
Scrooge, the 1935 version starring Seymore Hicks
A Christmas Without Snow (1981)
Miracle on 34th Street, the 1957 version

That's a lot of Christmas for a little money!

Thursday, October 30, 2008 - 7:19am


TV BlogYou can now get a retro, GameBoy-styled theme for the iPhone.

High-def Netflix streaming is coming first to the Xbox 360.

Why does PETA hate the Olsen twins? They were protesting outside of the troubled duo's book signing in New York City with signs calling them the "Trollsens," "Harry Kate and Trashley," and "fur hags." Wish someone had protested me when I did a signing at that store, I could have used the publicity. Come to think of it, I did land a series on VH1 that day.

One of the jurors in Keanu Reeves' civil trial claims to have been the voice of Bugs Bunny at one time. Reeves is being sued for hitting a paparazzo with his car. He should have been given the Medal of Freedom.

Estelle Reiner, wife of Carl, passed away Saturday. I really wish I had gone to see her when she performer her night club act at that small club on Santa Monica Boulevard near the Shakeys, she was there for years in the 1980s. You remember her as the lady who uttered the immortal line, "I'll have what she's having" in When Harry Met Sally.

High School Musical 3 is the #1 movie in the U.S. right now so naturally Zac will next attack a remake of Footloose. Can Grease be far behind?

Speaking of rugged movie stars, I love Clint Eastwood movies, especially the Dirty Harry-type films. Clint's back as an angry old man - and when this geezer tells the kids to, "Get off my lawn" you better believe he's willing to back it up. When I was growing up there was a rich old man who was so sick of teenagers congregating on the lot next to his house he shot and killed one of the kids. He got away with it, too!

NBC may be hiring the BBC's programmer to take over their primetime lineup.

Law & Order: Criminal Intent's season 8 debut is being delayed until 2009. It was supposed to air November 7th.

Believe it or not, Lionsgate execs are looking for a showrunner to replace Matthew Weiner, the creator of AMC's smash hit Mad Men. Are they nuts? Word is Weiner is asking for big bucks, "The 'ask' was insanity," one insider was quoted as saying.

Thursday, October 30, 2008 - 6:28am

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TV BlogHere's a real holiday treat - remember the great Chicago (and syndicated) kiddie show Gigglesnort Hotel? BJ and the Dragon? Now you can own the classic holiday special A Gift For Granny. From the press release: It's a snow-blowing Christmas Eve, and Sonny, a little boy, battles the notorious Hunker Boys and crafty pawnbroker Craven Moore in a search for the perfect gift for his grandmother. DVD - 25 minutes.

Get The Gift for Granny on DVD now, it sells for $25 plus $5 shipping and handling. Order here.

From the press release: In an explosive, special episode of Cristina’s Court, 22-year-old Los Angeles based model, Brian Kehoe is suing the self-proclaimed “World’s First Supermodel” Janice Dickinson. Kehoe claims that on the reality show, “The Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency,” Dickinson falsely accused him of being an alcoholic which damaged his career. Having battled addictions of her own, Janice Dickinson, the defendant, claims she treats all her models like her own children and only wants Kehoe to get help for his problems. A "explosive episode?" Does someone bring a hand grenade into the courtroom?!? Actually, I only listed that because I thought they were talking about the Price Is Right model that sued Bob Barker. Wrong Janice, never mind.

Television started out as an entertainment medium, now it's a showcase for our most embarrassing moments. Progress!

Kids are funny. Well, not yours, other people's brats! This from last night's Tonight Show:

I can't get this theme song out of my head! Now it's on you...

Thursday, October 30, 2008 - 2:39am

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